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6月14日(金)20:00 新作コレクション「Joy」販売開始!


知ることを知ることは 聡明な彼女を喜ばせる 好奇心に潤む瞳は逃さない 無知という余白に描く 想像力のラブレター 唇から溢れる言葉の羅列に 賢さを一滴忍ばせて 満月の下、きみに甘い口実を

luna’s vintage ring



crescent moon ring



planet 2way pierce



moonlight necklace



To know is to truly know,
It delights the wise in her grace.
Her eyes, brimming with curiosity,
Do not let go of a single detail.
In the blank canvas of ignorance,
A love letter of imagination is penned.
In the cascade of words overflowing from her lips,
A drop of wisdom discreetly concealed.
Beneath the full moon,
an enticing pretext for you, I offer.